of our leadership team

Hassan Saidi

Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA

What is your main focus as the Head of industrialization ?

My main focus is to make the smoothest transition between engineering and manufacturing in order to comply with our customer’s needs. This means to implement a process that integrate the state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver a product with the highest Quality level. Obviously, this process must be aligned with the right level of capacity and cost that would benefit our customers.

Head of Industrialization


French, English, Spanish


  • Master’s in Industrial Engineering

Years of experience

15 years

What is your job position?

Head of Industrialization

How long have you been working at L.E.S.S.?

Since September 2023.

In a few words, how would you describe your job position?

I am translating the company vision into an effective operational action plan. I am ensuring that the team has the right means in order to facilitate their job and promote decisions making.

First thing you do when you get in the office?

Get a cup of coffee.

What is your best work accomplishment?

Federate a team towards a common goal. Bring enthusiasm and efficiency into our daily job.

What is your best memory since joining L.E.S.S.?

Definitely the first time I saw our Technology integrated onto a premium automotive customer.

Which words would you use to describe a typical day at work?

Good Vibes, Team Spirit, Innovation, Commitment and Results.

Which would be the best thing about working at L.E.S.S.?

This would be two-fold, on one side working at LESS guarantees you to evolve in a company that trusts his people, gives room to innovation and encourage “out of the box” thinking. I really like the fact that the decision-making process is very quick. That’s allow us to be adaptable and propose added value toward any project or customer.

On the other side, developing a product that is truly a game changer in the industry in terms of environmental challenge, reduced carbon footprint, light weight and minimum electricity consumption is a true fulfilling purpose.

How much coffee a day do you drink?

From 3 to 5