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The visual inspection of injectable drugs allows to control the presence of visible particles that could contaminate the solutions intended for injection. This inspection is essential because of the significant health risks if a contaminated solution is injected.  During manual visual inspection, particle detection depends on many factors such as the nature of the particle, the light used, and the reliability of the operators. These parameters influence the quality of the inspection.  To address these issues, we have developed inspection products that benefit from the latest lighting technology: our nano-active fiber.

Our range of inspection lamps provides uniform and directional lighting conditions, with or without magnification, allowing direct and efficient detection of the smallest particle. LESS light offers optimal color temperature, intensity, and high color rendering, which remain constant over time, without generating heat, and meet the most demanding quality control standards of the pharmacopoeia. L.E.S.S. SA is compliant with Pharmacopoeia 2.9.20.

Quality of visual inspection

Easy quality control

The operator can perform quality control with great ease. The lighting environment is optimal for the conditions required for visual inspection due to the uniformity and intensity of the lighting. Particles are thus more quickly and easily detected regardless of the container (bag, vial, bottle, etc.). Thanks to the constant colorimetric characteristics over time and between products, it is now possible to standardize working conditions.

Desk lamp made for inspection

The comfort of visual inspection

Ergonomic inspection for the user

The lighting heads of the inspection lamps do not emit heat, offering the user incomparable comfort. The uniformity of lighting allows for a pleasant and efficient inspection. In addition, the improved ergonomics of our products allow the operator to position the lamp in the most suitable way for his workstation for optimal comfort.


Bright & Thin Lighting

“We strive for excellence to meet the most stringent quality control requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Yann Tissot, CEO of L.E.S.S.

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