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In a constantly evolving market, watch suppliers are faced with major challenges to ensure the conformity and manufacturing quality of their parts, and microscope manufacturers must constantly innovate in order to meet customer demands for infallible quality control and high-quality inspection precision.

As well as the quality of the inspection optics used, the quality of the illumination is of paramount importance. The more uniformly the illumination light is distributed, the more effective the optical system will be at reproducing a quality image that can then be studied as part of a flawless quality control process.

our solution

Maximised accuracy THANKS TO

Our innovative solution guarantees unique image clarity thanks to optimum contrast and illumination distribution. By providing uniform light with no heat emission, our products ensure a clear and precise view of the components being inspected. This advanced technology enables both researchers and operators to detect even the smallest defects with exceptional reliability, providing an effective study or quality control during inspection under the microscope.

Compatible with various microscope objectives for Optimum flexibility

Visibright and Visidark products are designed to adapt easily to a wide range of microscope objectives, offering users optimum flexibility. This compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient user experience, allowing researchers to use our solutions with their existing configurations without compromising on image quality. Whether for studies in cell biology, metallurgy or microelectronics, our products integrate perfectly to meet the most specific needs.

Combine our Products for a Complete Inspection down to the last detail

By combining our VisiBright and VisiDark products, which provide direct illumination, with our Visidark products, which provide grazing illumination, it is possible to carry out even more in-depth inspections. This unique combination makes it possible to explore even the most subtle details on a variety of samples, revealing a complete and detailed picture. By combining these two innovative solutions, users benefit from an exceptional synergy that transcends the limits of traditional microscopic observation, opening up new perspectives for research, analysis and quality control.

Examples of inspection images under VisiDark illumination

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5 mm
20 mm
VD-10 mm
10 mm
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Examples of inspection images under Visibright illumination

Illumination distance: 10 cm

99 %

Defect Detection by combining

VisiBright & VisiDark

96 %


in use

50 %

time savings


manufacturer of watch components

Founded in 1914, La Pierrette SA benefits from a century of experience and renown in the manufacture of watch components.

By integrating our VisiBright inspection lighting into their daily routine, La Pierrette has given its watchmaking operators the tools they need to detect defects on their parts more effectively. Thanks to the comfortable and precise use of VisiBright, operators have seen a significant improvement in their productivity, with remarkable time savings. In fact, 99% of defects are now detected, providing optimum quality assurance.

This exemplary partnership demonstrates how our technology can truly optimise inspection processes in the watchmaking industry, delivering accurate and reliable results at every stage of the manufacturing process.


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Watch inspection with VisiBright
Timepiece illuminated under VisiBright.

La Pierrette Testimonial

“The technology offered by L.E.S.S. SA has enabled us to move towards greater visibility and greatly improve our search for potential defects in our components.”

Yann Cretet, Quality Manager at La Pierrette

Experience of Players in the

Inspection Market

Microscope manufacturer

In this section, we present captivating images of the objects inspected, provided by our partner, microscope manufacturer Vision Engineering. These images highlight the remarkable detail and sharpness achieved using our Visibright and Visidark solution. Discover the incredible precision of our products during the inspection of a microtechnical part and a watch.

Our partnership with Vision Engineering has enabled us to solve complex challenges in fields as varied as electronics and watchmaking. For a customer faced with the challenge of detecting minute details on a microtechnology part, our solution has produced exceptional results. Similarly, in the watchmaking industry, our technology has been successfully used to inspect delicate parts and detect the tiniest defects. By combining our Visibright and Visidark products, our partners have been able to offer their customers detailed and precise vision, revealing a new dimension in microscopic observation. These images demonstrate the significant impact of our technology in fields as diverse as entomology and watchmaking, opening up new possibilities for analysis and discovery across a range of industries.


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Microtechnical part inspected under the microscope using our VisiDark combination of inspection lights.
Timepiece inspected under the microscope using our combination of VisiBright & VisiDark inspection lights.

Vision Engineering Testimonial

“The definition of the image obtained under the VisiDark lighting is such that my first thought was of an image obtained in 4K. The VisiDark is a fantastic metrology tool.”

Pierre Tarquis, Sales expert at Vision Engineering

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