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As the automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, brands are facing many challenges, some of which requiring fundamental changes. Our proprietary nano-active fiber technology provides a tremendous solution to the difficult design of current and future lighting functions thus enabling automotive design to enter a new era. It offers unprecedented design freedom through sharp, consistent and intense three-dimensional lines. It benefits from low weight that enable hollow design and better energy efficiency. Our customers can integrate and reshape signal lighting on the side, on the back and on the front of the car with a high degree of freedom in terms of intensity, uniformity, and precision.

Join our current customer base and make use of ultra-thin, ultra-bright and ultra-compact lighting solutions to design ambitious and unique lighting signature!

Unlimited Design Options

Among the years, it has been an utmost feature to use automotive signal lightings as a strong distinctive design feature on a car. Our lighting solutions support the designers to an unprecedented level by offering sharp, intense and three-dimensional lines without compromise to integration and homologation constraints.

Desk lamp made for inspection

Light Weight, Energy Efficient

L.E.S.S.’s know-how and technology is proprietary and has no equivalent. The three-dimensional feature of our solutions allows for engineering lighting functions is a cost-effective way and this on any location and any part of the car. On a given design, our team managed to save up to 50% of the weight and 30% of the power consumption, directly impacting the autonomy performance of the car.

Rethinking Today's And Future Lighting Functions

Thanks to its multidisciplinary skills, L.E.S.S. offers its customers complete support, from the idea to the final assembly. What used to be a headache is now child’s play: we can collaborate with your various colleagues and partners, whether they are designers or in charge of production. Small bending radii, various ECE, SAE certified colors and ultra-minimalist footprint are part of our offer, enabling functional lighting to enter a new age.

Design options & Low weight

“Our technology gives tremendous opportunities to the OEMs to design lighting functions with style and low weight.”

Yann Tissot, CEO of L.E.S.S.

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Interview with the Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA

Interview with the Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA

Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA What is your main focus as the Head of industrialization ? “My main focus is to make the smoothest transition between engineering and manufacturing in order to comply with our customer’s needs. This means to implement a process...