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Experience the next generation of signal lighting and design unprecedented car lighting signatures. Our light source based on a single nano-active fibre enables our customers to reshape any lighting all around the car with a high degree of freedom. Ultra-thin, ultra-bright and three-dimensional lighting can be integrated on the side, on the back and on the front of the car contributing to sharp, aesthetic, and innovative automotive lighting.

Multiple segments on a single fiber lighting can be precisely designed and various colours can be delivered (e.g. certified white, red and orange). Free yourself from current technology limitations and design sharp corners, compact and ultra-long lighting that exhibit low-weight and low power consumption.

Light is complex, specific and so the customer demands. A vehicle needs to see and be seen in a reliable, safe and efficient manner. Thanks to the versatility of our multi-patented lighting technology, we are able to quickly develop, adapt and interface our new lighting concepts to any car parts and make it brilliant.

Almost unlimited lighting designs can be delivered in an ultra-thin form factor resulting in low-weight, low power and high brightness solutions. Our advanced product and technology development department assists and guides you from the development of early disruptive concepts and prototypes to the production of full innovative solutions.

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Interview with the Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA

Interview with the Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA

Head of Industrialization of L.E.S.S. SA What is your main focus as the Head of industrialization ? “My main focus is to make the smoothest transition between engineering and manufacturing in order to comply with our customer’s needs. This means to implement a process...