Renens, August 25, 2022: The current issue of Weltwoche features a portrait of Dr. Yann Tissot as part of the ‘Menschen von morgen‘ series.

The following is an extract from the interview:

Operationally, he said, the company is now ready to meet automakers’ higher volume requirements for ultra-thin, ultra-bright and lightweight light sources. And all key quality and product certifications are now in place, “which has reassured our long-term customers,” he adds. Are industrial customers risk averse, then?

Tissot: “It’s true, everyone wants innovation, but no one wants to change.”

What would he recommend to young people looking for success in the high-tech sector? Go to an ETH? Or to the United States? “A good entrepreneur finds his own way, whether in Switzerland or in the US. But Switzerland is a great place to start a high-tech company because there are top universities, extensive academic support and lots of start-up capital.”

Read the full interview here.

Dr. Yann Tissot: “I was convinced we could do it better.”

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As the automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation, brands are facing many challenges, some of which requiring fundamental changes. Our proprietary nano-active fiber technology provides a tremendous solution to the difficult design of current and future lighting functions thus enabling automotive design to enter a new era. It offers unprecedented design freedom through sharp, consistent and intense three-dimensional lines. It benefits from low weight that enable hollow design and better energy efficiency. Our customers can integrate and reshape signal lighting on the side, on the back and on the front of the car with a high degree of freedom in terms of intensity, uniformity, and precision.

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Experience the next generation of signal lighting and design unprecedented car lighting signatures. Our light source based on a single nano-active fibre enables our customers to reshape any lighting all around the car with a high degree of freedom. Ultra-thin, ultra-bright and three-dimensional lighting can be integrated on the side, on the back and on the front of the car contributing to sharp, aesthetic, and innovative automotive lighting.

Multiple segments on a single fiber lighting can be precisely designed and various colours can be delivered (e.g. certified white, red and orange). Free yourself from current technology limitations and design sharp corners, compact and ultra-long lighting that exhibit low-weight and low power consumption.