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With over a decade of pioneering work on our Nano-Active Optical Fiber technology, we have revolutionized the world of industrial inspection and functional lighting in the automotive industry. Our dedication to technological advancement has yielded a breakthrough that has surpassed all expectations. We are proud to offer our esteemed clients a chance to experience the transformative power of our innovative solutions through our versatile DISCOVERY KIT (one fits all).

Choose between a mini laser control box that can fit anywhere or a professional laser box for precise control over the light and benefit from a uniform, intense, and directional line of light over two lighting lengths (0.5m or 1m) and five certified colors (warm white, cold white, super red, amber, turquoise).

We have made our system versatile and plug-and-play, such that it can meet your specific objectives, whether functional or aesthetic. The DISCOVERY KIT allows you to explore the vast potential of our revolutionary technology, be it for creative or more industrial applications.

Request a quote HERE for the DISCOVERY KIT and witness the future of lighting technology !

Explore the potential of high-intensity lighting:

Our Nano-Active Optical Fiber can deliver high-intensity light in a directional manner like no other technology. While generating an incredible amount of light from the thickness of a hair was previously considered impossible, we offer an intensity factor of up to 15 times more than other lighting technologies, creating unprecedented visual effects. This allows you to use our nano-active fiber as both a direct and indirect functional light source. For the first time, fiber lighting is not limited to a simple aesthetic application but can also meet functional needs. We mix the useful with the pleasant!

Benefit from high uniformity:

We provide a linear light source with perfect uniformity without the need for additional diffusers or optics. Unlike creating a linear light source by adding multiple light sources that increase space requirements and costs with limited quality rendering, our groundbreaking technology combines perfect uniformity with intensity in a straightforward manner. Our technology offers a homogeneous field of light that brings your designs to life and ensures maximum comfort. Don’t settle for subpar lighting when you can elevate your space with our revolutionary linear light source!

Design 3-dimensional lighting shapes:

Unlock unparalleled creativity with our cutting-edge technology! The flexible and easily integrated solution provides intensity and homogeneity in a compact manner, and that’s just the beginning. Whether you’re looking to create complex 3-dimensional designs or simple, pure lines, our technology can meet the needs of the most demanding designers. With the ability to mold long straight lines, beautiful curves on all axes, and 3D shapes with radii smaller than 15mm, the possibilities are endless. Let our technology bring your vision to life and elevate your design to new heights. Don’t limit yourself – choose a solution that offers both form and function. Choose our innovative technology today.

Integrate it easily into your design:

Looking to seamlessly integrate our cutting-edge technology into your design or product? Our Nano-Active Optical Fiber features a mechanical interface that enables easy hand insertion into a compact mechanical groove. And when it comes to the power supply, it couldn’t be more standard: simply connect it to batteries, mains, or your existing systems with a 12V power source. Plus, with the ability to control fiber intensity through your existing system or the dimmable push button on the laser box, achieving the perfect lighting has never been easier, whether it is a nomadic or sedentary application. Don’t let complicated installations hold you back – streamline your design process with our hassle-free lighting.

Click below and watch our demonstration videos to find out how to use MINI and PRO kits :

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