The Federal Office for the Environment and the Technology Fund reward Swiss companies that offer innovative and cutting-edge products that work at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

L.E.S.S. SA – also a member of Swiss Cleantech – is proud to have been distinguished and to actively contribute to the reduction of the energy consumption thanks to the unique nano active fibre technology it has developed. This versatile lighting technology offers state-of-the-art, safe, flexible and reliable products with a lower energy consumption that are more environmentally friendly than those currently on the market.

Concerned about the climate challenges that society has to face now and in the upcoming years and aware of its responsibility as a key player in the lighting industry, it is crucial for L.E.S.S. to put its technology and products not only at the service of its customers, but also to contribute to a viable and more responsible energy future.

Dr Yann Tissot, CEO : “The loan guaranteed by the Technology Fund will support and accompany our strong growth, particularly in the transformation of the automotive sector, and the high demands in terms of quality and volume that it entails.

About the Technology Fund

The Technology Fund offers loan guarantees to Swiss companies whose novel products contribute to a sustainable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

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